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What To Consider When Choosing And Designing A Driveway Gate

Having a professional company, like LA Gates & Doors, install a driveway gate can be as easy as choosing a stock gate and having it installed, but in most cases, there are other things you need to consider as part of the installation process. When you choose a professional installer they will guide you through all of the information to help you choose the best gate to meet your needs.

Things to consider when planning your gate purchase and installation include:

Materials – Think about how you want your gate to look, the amount of maintenance it will require, the size and weight of the gate, color, and if you want a unique design. Remember, wood is heavier so it’s not ideal for larger gates. Steel is more durable but costs more than aluminum. A professional security gate installation company will help you make the right choice of materials that fit the style and landscape of your property.

Functionality – Consider your primary reason for installing a driveway gate. Is it just for security purposes or to enhance the curb appeal of your property? Do you just want to add more privacy to your home? The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of functionality you want from your gate. Do you want a swinging gate, sliding gate, or one that blocks the view of your property?

Accessibility – You need to decide if you want your gate to be a manual or automatic electronic driveway gate. Will you need more than one gate for a wraparound driveway, or perhaps a pedestrian gate for walk-through access or a door built within the gate itself. Do you need hands-free access to open and close/lock the gate? The ease of accessibility is a huge decision when choosing your gate.

Additional contract work – Whether you will need additional contractors, like landscapers or electrical, depends on the gate you choose. A good professional installer will be able to provide the necessary contacts with contractors they know and trust.

Safety – With any gate you want to ensure safe operation, and this is especially true of electric gates that open and close automatically. Consider pets and children in, and around your home or business. What kind of safety features will you need to ensure everyone’s safety? The Consumer Product Safety Commission has set minimum requirements for safe gate operations. If you’re not installing a driveway gate with quick access for emergency personnel, know beforehand how they will be able to get access to your property in an emergency. Your installer should be able to help guide you through the code requirements in your community, many of which require emergency access boxes.

Working with Professionals for Installation

When it comes to installing a driveway gate you should choose to have it done by a company that is experienced in the full skill set needed to complete this type of project. Choose one that is knowledgeable in the security hardware and software of the components being used, electrical, landscaping, footing, masonry work, and metal fabrication. By using a professional you reduce the chances of improper installation, or components failing which could lead to expensive repairs later.

Your driveway gate installation technician will walk you through all of the critical steps to make sure that nothing gets missed. This allows them to create a plan of the work needed and provide you with an accurate estimate, so you get the driveway gate that best fits your needs. Here’s what you can expect when working with a professional:

Step 1 – Meet with your contractor for a design consultation to review needs and answer questions

Step 2 – Review design ideas along with material recommendations and accessories

Step 3 – Review estimate for installation which will include managing any necessary contracted specialists

Step 4 – Sign agreement to authorize the agreed upon work to begin

Step 5 – Property preparation, setup, and fabrication which could include grading and ground levels, holes, wiring, and any custom gate designs

Step 6 – Installation and testing of all functions including safety elements, locks, and other accessories. This also includes alignment and leveling for proper operation.